Revert Google Hangouts to Gchat in Gmail

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Google has upgraded their messenger that named Google Chat or Google Talk to become Google Hangouts. If you didn’t update it yet you would see a link to try it.

Maybe it offers more tools such rich emoticon, insert image and many more that you can try yourself but there are many of my friend didn’t ready to use if after they tried it. So if they don’t ready best way could revert to Gchat again but before do that I tell you the reason why Hangouts not enough

First tool they had forgotten in Hangout is emphasis text from Gchat. In Gchat you can easily bold the text by brace text with asterisk for example *bold* and it automatically become bold, strike just brace text with hyphens for example –strike- and it automatically become strike and italic just brace text with underscore for example _italic_.

Another that Hangouts doesn’t have Gchat status such invisible because sometime you need it. So if you don’t ready to use Hangeouts just relax because you can easily revert it to Google chat. How? Just click arrow drop down menu beside your Hangouts ID and click Revert to old chat.

revert google hangouts to gchat

It will provide a pop up menu to ask as confirmation to revert to Gchat and just click revert to old chat then it will refresh you Gmail so you will find Gchat available on your Gmail.

It is easy, isn’t? I hope this tips tutorial will make you more comfortable with internet.


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