Revert New Gmail Inbox to Classic Inbox

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Recently Google provide some new features on Gmail. First and automatic noticed is a new Gmail inbox that bring three tab by default primay, social and promotions and the rest are update and the rest are update and forum that you can add later.

Actually I like the new features especially social tab that sometime I think tons notification annoying but too lazy to set it from social account. But some of my old friend thought it confusing and they want to revert it to old classic inbox.

Maybe because they were confused they didn’t try anything to bring it back. Actually it easy just click sign plus at the right of the tab and it will show you pop-up window to select tab to enable. From that windows just uncheck all tabs exclude Primary tab because you can’t uncheck it. Then finalize by clicking save button, wait a few moment to refresh and see you will meet your old classic Gmail inbox again.

Revert New Gmail Inbox to Classic Inbox

How if anytime you want to use new Gmail inbox? It is easy too, just click gear icon setting menu and click configure inbox to open pop-up windows to select tab to enable and add at least one tab to make it new Gmail inbox.

So just try to adapt with new inbox but when confuse just revert to classic inbox and I hope you will more comfortable with internet.


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