Sennheiser PC 161

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I asked my friend about best gaming headset with good price last month, I know he is a gamer and he had suggested me Sennheiser PC 161. I have thought that Sennheiser is one of the best audio producers so I had decided to buy it.

Sennheiser PC 161
I bought it from Amazon with price $78.26, here are technical details about Sennheiser PC 161:
• Collapsible design
• Analog stereo headphone
• Xxl size ear cups
• 3,5 mm jack plug stereo headphone
• Open air speaker system
• 32 ohm nominal impedance
• Adjustable headband
• 3 m cable length
• Adjustable, bendable and pivotable microphone
• 15 – 23000 Hz frequency response
• Binaural headphone technology

First try use Sennheiser PC 161 I feel comfortable with the sound, I use it when playing game, sound is great and I use it for many hours daily. Sometimes I use it for listening music, watching movies and talking with my friend via Skype or Yahoo Messenger. The microphone working good, it has good voice detection and quality. The ear cups doesn’t isolate me totally from outside, for me this is a good one so I still hear if someone call me. Overall I think this headset is worth every penny I pay. I give score 8 scale 10 for this headset.


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