How to Set Three Different Time Clocks on Windows 7

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Most of you certainly use one clock based on your time zone on your Windows desktop. Some of you might have business or a friend in different country and different time zone with you.

How do you suitable your time with the different time zone? It is easily find it by changing our time zone or just remember the differences example you are in London that has UTC your friend in Beijing that has UTC+8.

In Windows 7 actually you can have three different time clock and I think that is better than remember the difference or change the setting every time you want to suitable your time with another in different time zone.

Almost as easy as you change your time zone but need more click, just click your Windows 7 clock at the right bottom and click Change date and time setting then click Additional Clock tab and set the two additional clock to specific time zone you want to use and make the name of your clock then click apply and OK to finalize.

set three different time in Windows

Now you have three different time clocks on your Windows 7 but first clock show on the desktop and to view the other clock just click the default clock on your desktop.

Three clocks with different time zone

Hope this tips will make you more comfortable with your computers.


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