How to Setup 2-Step Verification on Your Google Account

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What is 2-step verification? It is a security way to login to any account that will ask something like second key. Of course it will take your time to login but it provide best security than normal way. Beside that some developer improve it not to ask second key if you login from machine that you usually use.

Google is one of free service that provide two-step verification but it doesn’t activate automatically but you must activate it first and in this post I will share you to setup 2-step verification for your Google account:

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Try to find Security setting and click Edit at 2-step verification but for instance just go setup page
  3. Click Setup to enable it
  4. Click Start Set up
  5. Submit your phone number and choose how the way you will receive code
  6. Click Send CodeSetup 2 step verification Google
  7. If you choose SMS you will receive 6 digit code on your phone and then type it on the form
  8. Click Verify
  9. It has verified your machine so just trust this computer so you don’t need to submit second key every time you login on trusted machine and click Next
  10. Now finalize 2-step verification by clicking Confirm

Now you have activate 2-step verification for your Google account. Every time you login from untrusted machine Google will send code to your phone and if anyone try, they will not have a code. Of course you have better felling about your security account and enjoy it!

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