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Microsoft release Windows 7 as the next generation of Windows XP. Maybe we had familiar and comfort with Windows XP, but this still make us want to try Windows 7. But after we install Windows 7 we find that there are many new features. Maybe for the first use this will make us little confuse such windows explorer.

First look that we don’t see the windows explorer toolbar and we think that disappear and try to find, but there is no menu to show or to hide that toolbar. So go Organize menu on the top left and click Layout and next click the Menu and now we can see this toolbar and now we can see the menu bar on windows explorer.

This will make us familiar with Windows 7 as Windows XP because it has same function indeed it better graphic than Windows XP. Maybe we want this toolbar still hide and just do as we want to show this toolbar. We had familiar with Windows XP and we usually use shortcut to access this menu bar, and in Windows 7 we can still use this shortcut, just press ALT on our keyboard and the menu toolbar will show on windows explorer.

Hope this way will make us comfort with computer.

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    Knabben10 years ago

    Thank you! My mind needed to be refreshed. I’ve forgotten how to do it.


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