Simple Windows 7 Shutdown Timer

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Are you using Windows 7? Sometimes you download file, listen music but you fall asleep or must go to anywhere and you need to shut down your Windows 7. For this reason you need software that has ability to auto shutdown your Windows 7. There is a Windows 7 shutdown timer that you can buy online viagra use for this purpose that you can set the time when you want your Windows 7 to shutdown.

Here is step by step to use Windows 7 shutdown timer
1. Open it from [Start] + [All Program] + [Accessories] + [Command Prompt]. For the shortcut you can press [Start] + [R] on your keyboard and type cmd on that run form.
2. Type: shutdown, this is to see complete command list.
3. Type: shutdown /s /t 3600, this is simple command to shut down your Windows 7 after 1 hour (3600 second). You can use another time depend on your estimate time.
4. Another way to use this timer by using GUI is typing: shutdown /i
5. For another reason you need to abort this auto shutdown, just type: shutdown /a

Hope after you know this tips will make you comfortable with your computer and internet even when you leave it on or fall asleep.


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