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Last month Microsoft launched a new social networking website with name (means social). They offered it for free and if you want to find new friend or share something on there you can sign in the with your Windows Live ID or Facebook ID.

In this post I will share you my experience sign in that side with Windows Live ID and Facebook ID and here are the ways:
Windows Live ID
Access So.Cl website and click sign in with Windows Live ID and So.Cl ask permission pop ups will appear which it will ask your permission about sign in automatically, view your profile info and contact and access your mail address and if you want to continue, you need to click Yes.Socl ask permission It will bring you to terms of services and Privacy Statement then you must check that you have read it and you are older than 18 years old and click Done.TOS and Privacy Statement Now you will join with and explore it to find your friend or new friend or share anything.
Facebook ID
Another way to sign into is with Facebook ID so you need to click sign in with Facebook at page and for first time it will bring you to Facebook page app and click Go to App.Socl Facebook app It will bring you to Terms of Services and Privacy Statement and check that you have read it and you are older that 18 year old and finalize by click Done and then you will have account.

I hope this information will make you comfortable with your internet and social network.

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