How do I Test My Internet Speed

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Internet Service Provider usually offer specific price base on offered bandwidth. After you subscribe to ISP usually you want to check your internet speed to check whether it suitable with that you had paid.

Some online services provide internet speed test for free so you can check your internet speed easily. Sometime I check my internet speed if I feel it too slow and if I don’t think it is not my ISP have offered, I can mail them my complaint.

How do I test my internet services? I usually use speedtest service to test my internet speed. They have many servers all over the world so after you access you can choose the server or just use default server to ping and click Begin Test button and it will provide ping, download speed and upload speed result. From that result you will know how speed is your internet connection.

How do I test my Internet Speed

Next I can use my internet speed test result as my consideration to call an ISP for any purpose such complain or need to upgrade. I hope this information will make you more comfortable with your internet.


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