The Simplest Way to clear RAM in Windows

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Sometimes when you run many program or run heavy program such Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD and after you close it you will find your computer running slowly. What is the problem? It usually because your computer RAM still hold data. So you need to clear RAM to get best performance of your computer.

Basically to clear RAM you can restart your computer and after that you will find your computer run as usually. But restarting your computer sometime waste your time and I will tell you the simplest way to clear RAM without restart your computer. Here are the steps:
1. Right click your mouse on your desktop, choose [New] and [Shortcut]
2. Fill [%windir%system32rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks] in the form
3. Click [Next]
4. Type name for it, default is rundll32.exe but you can change it whatever you want.
5. Click [Finish]
6. Double click the icon to clear RAM

Next time when you feel your computer running slow and you need to clear RAM just double click the icon and you will feel the computer performance same with you restart your computer. I hope this tips will make you comfortable with your computer.


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