Trying Three Password of Facebook Account

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According to Facebook that they will accept of three forms of user password make me want to try to login to my Facebook account with my three passwords. I registered my Facebook account with just one password and my password is pass12asdfTY and I will tell you what the other two passwords that work for my account.

They claimed that only three forms will be accepted and here are my three passwords:
1. Normal password : pass12asdfTY
2. First letter capitalized: Pass12asdfTY
3. Case reverse from normal password: PASS12ASDFty
After use above form then I try to combine capital combination for my password such pASS12asdfTY and thank for Facebook because it doesn’t work. I thanks to Facebook because before try these form I just hear a rumor that the Facebook password not case sensitive anymore and I think it will lower its security.

I hope this information will make you comfortable with your internet and computer.

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