Tweak Your Yahoo Messenger to Enable Multi Login

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Yahoo Messenger could be a most popular internet messenger today. Some of you might have more than one Yahoo ID but you can’t use them at the same time on your Yahoo Messenger.

Since Yahoo provide web messenger on Yahoo mail, actually you can use them at the same time, one at the Yahoo Messenger and the others at your web mail messenger from browser.

But Yahoo Messenger has comfortable tool than web mail messenger so to use one Yahoo Messenger and the others on web browsing didn’t enough.

Actually there are third party software developer that provide multi Yahoo messenger to make you enable login to Yahoo messenger with multi account at the same time.

But have you ever know that you can tweak your default Yahoo Messenger from Yahoo to enable multi login? How?

On Windows operating system you can do it easily. If you use Windows 7 just search registry editor by type regedit on start up search and click it to open registry editor.

Next dig HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/yahoo/pager/Test

Next right click on right window and dig New and click DWORD (32-bit) value Make a name to Plural and double click Plural to change the value data and then make it 1 and decimal base so it become like this picture

enable Yahoo messenger multi login

Now you will have a multi Yahoo Messenger and to prove it just run Yahoo Messenger then try to open another one.

Hope this tips will make you more comfortable with your internet and computer.


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